Sunday, 18 April 2010



1. Call a friend or family member you haven't spoken to for a while.
2. Plan your weekly dinner menu.
3. Organise your diary.
4. Work on a negative or limiting belief you hold about yourself or your life. Take the time during breastfeeding to repeat a positive affirmation or hold a visualisation that addresses the belief.
5. Watch a box set you've always been meaning to get around to.
6. Think of a fun activity you can do with your older children once you finish breastfeeding to ensure quality time with them also.


1. Brainstorm marketing ideas and different ways of promoting your business.
2. Call one person and introduce yourself and your business.
3. Think about complementary relationships you could try and initiate i.e. if you are a masseuse, you could team up with a therapist to run sessions together or promote one another.
4. Plan your tweets, or themes for tweets, for the week.
5. Review your business plan and see if you are on track, or need to alter it.
6. Read blog posts to keep up with other mums in the UK.
7. Surf your competitors sites and see what they are doing.
8. Brainstorm different upcoming blog topics so you always have something to write about.

And above all, stroke your baby's hair, love and enjoy them as before you know it they'll be grown up and you'll never have this time again x


  1. I'm gonna email this to my friend whos expecting twins! Have a feeling she will appreciate it :D

  2. I am queen of multitasking! Good list

  3. Hi Hayley, I only have one so am not sure how one would go about doing some of this with two - but good luck to your friend! x