Saturday, 15 May 2010


It strikes me time and again that mums in business are amongst the most experienced and talented people I know. Sure, they may have taken months - even years off - bringing up kids but even those years are spent in a whirl of creativity, organisation, time management and accounting.

For those who are in business, the skills on offer are endless. Years of schooling, career and then running their own business mean they have such diverse experience and knowledge to draw on. Never have I been able to get advice on so many topics from one group of people. Accounting? Check. Marketing? Check. Business plans? Check. Research? Check. And in celebration of this I wanted to include some business gems from those mums I hold in highest esteem (and who also happen to be my Mentoring Mums!)

1. Remember, that as your business goes forward with the times, to maintain good communication and discussion with your staff at all levels. They will respect your decisions and the time you have taken to keep them updated; even in the short term, you will reap the rewards of a fully engaged workforce. Frances Graham, London HR Partnership

2. Don't charge LESS than your competitors. Customers will assume that your product is of a lesser quality. Paula Cox, Sunny Signers

3. PR is the heart and soul of any successful business. You can do it yourself but first get the basics of how PR works. When pitching your business both to media and potential customers remember that 'less is more'. Keep your business pitch as punchy and visual as possible. Monica Costa, Londonmums

4. Develop a clear vision of what your business will look like when it is finished, what and when your exit strategy is and who will buy it! Wendy Shand, Tots to Travel

5. Be adaptable and don't be afraid to delegate or get the help you need. Naz Lewis, Back2Work Mum

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