Monday, 16 November 2009


I hosted my last lunch of the year today, the Businessmums' Networking Lunch. This one featured yet another amazing and inspiring mumpreneur, Lara Goodbody, MD of Yogabugs.

It never ceases to amaze me just how motivating it can be listening to a mum, even when she works in a field that I personally have no experience with. She outlined her story, how Yogabugs has grown from an idea to an international company over the last six years and educated us with her personal do's and don'ts.

What I am taking away personally is:

1. It is hard work being a franchisor and it takes a lot of time, energy and money.
2. You need to be brutal and be prepared to make the hard decisions to protect your business. This includes letting go of franchisees when they aren't working out - no matter how lovely they are.
3. You can't let an investors interest in your business go to your head. You still need to maintain your own vision of your company and future and don't compromise it for anything.
4. Don't just go with the first investment opportunity that comes along, wait until the right one comes along for you.
5. As a Mum, be prepared to be breast feeding and typing on your computer with the other hand. If you want to be a success you may not have the luxury of taking maternity leave from your business.
6. Turning down finance on Dragon's Den can sometimes be a good thing. Lara did this and the resulting coverage was better than taking on the offers.
7. Being available to speak at events and answering questions is a great way of securing your success and having a whole lot of mums think you're fab!

There was also plenty of inspiration and information from my attendees:

Christina Waite of Fat Free Mama ( not only helps mums lose weight and stay in shape but also offers busy mums recipes and shopping lists which I think is ingenious!

Emma Hammett of First Aid for Life ( is achieving her business dreams whilst maintaining her integrity and beliefs.

Stephanie Hughes of Pilates Formation ( proved to me how important it can be to have a website - she gets most of her business from her site - and she built it herself!

All in all a great day - and it inspired me to get home and get working on my own business!


  1. It was fantastic for me to meet so many women with different business ideas. Lara's presentation was fantastic and very inspiring, my admiration to her! The phrase that stayed in my mind all day after listening to her was 'remember to have a clear focus of what YOU want from your business, and try not to follow what other people say you should do, if that is not what you really want'. Of course other people's comments are incredibly valuable, but I agree in that we have to have clear goals.

  2. What a great event. In praise of Motivating Mums - I'm looking forward to the next one! Ali was fantastic and created a relaxed and fun atmosphere!! In praise of her guest Lara - if ever there was an inspiring story, its the yoga bugs story - but how cool to meet one of the women behind it and see how it all started and that gurus are normal chicks too :)

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