Friday, 4 December 2009


One of the pics I would have lost...

Last week my computer died. Just like that, gone. I gently slipped my baby in it's case and took it to my computer guy (Jim Wu of Ayooda to be told the prognosis. There was no chance of recusitation and he had never seen anything like it - usually there was a window where you could extract all the information you had been meaning to, but never had, backed up. My only chance was to send it off to a lab where, thankfully, my photos, email addresses, work could all be retrieved for a mere ₤450! It sounds a lot but faced with the prospect of losing all the videos and pictures of my daughter it was a mere pittance.

So, the week spent computer-less was hell to say the least. I am in the middle of relaunching my website and business and had to spend many hours in an internet cafe dealing with slow connection speeds and other customers talking on skype at the tops of their voices. Making contact with clients and associates was attempted through twitter and google, with many of my clients not listed in either. I had to contact people to ask them to comb through their deleted files to find work I had sent and I had to let a Brainstorm session slip by as I didn't have the resources to make it happen. Thankfully, my computer is back now and I am in the land of the connected. My fingers haven't stopped typing since I got it back and I knew one of things I wanted to do first was to write this blog and remind everyone to back their computer up - now! It isn't worth the time, money or stress to put it off to tomorrow...I should know.


  1. I'd feel so lost without my computer! Glad you got it all back.

  2. What a nightmare. I love a gadget I got earlier this year which pretty much backs up everything for me...

  3. Wee hee! I had no idea you were blogging now - or tweeting. Yay! I've been a very neglectful blogger this year, but hoping to have some time to offer up some pointless waffle on my bit of cyberspace over the holidays. It's very cathartic :P

    Merry Christmas to you my friend, and I must say, I was lurking on facebook and noticed your bump is coming along very nicely. Glad to see you looking so well and happy!

    All the best Ali, and I hope we can catch up some time when you arrive in Oz next year!!

    XXX Bec