Saturday, 6 February 2010


I recently held another of my Brainstorm in a Teacup sessions and whilst sitting listening to the six mums around me offer advice and support to each other, I had an epiphany - we are bl**dy amazing really!

This wasn't just a meeting of seven mums, but seven incredible women who have backgrounds in marketing (Shazia Mustafa of Third Door), IT (Linda Louis of Maison Louis), coaching business mums (Robyn Hatley, running successful villas in Tuscany (Rita Kobrak, and mums with a social conscience (Kristin Hayward and Jessica St Clair, Green Families and A Yoga Life). All of whom are, of course, having or raising kids at the same time!

Between us we managed to give feedback on the viability of a gluten free cake business, marketing of a natural birthing site, getting coverage in magazines and newspapers, the use of Twitter, handling accounts, identifying the niche for a yoga business and much more. I couldn't help but marvel at the breadth of experience each mum brought to the table after years of schooling, career, babies and now, running or launching their own business.

It really helped cement for me the reason why I run these sessions and also, made me so proud to be a mum in business. Not only are we extremely under-estimated in the world of business (in my opinion) but we are a force to be reckoned with as not only are we all brilliant, but we're willing to share it with our fellow mums and help each other to greater heights. Not a trait I have come across in business before...

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  1. What a nice surprise to see Third Door mentioned in the Motivating Mum newsletter. Thank you :-D I thoroughly enjoyed the Brainstorm in a Teacup session and meeting all the business ladies who also happen to be mums. I was buzzing afterwards for hours - the enthusiastic reception that Third Door received blew me away!

    The Third Door holding page is up on I hope your readers do sign up on the 'Get in Touch' link to find out more about Third Door, 'a flexible workspace with onsite childcare'.

    Shazia x