Thursday, 1 July 2010


It got to 12am the other night and I had managed two pieces of toast for breakfast and dinner, something insubstantial for lunch, a few pieces of chocolate, a coffee...

By comparison, my oldest had had her five fruit and veg, juice, a run about the park and was sound asleep in bed. My youngest had had her five or so feeds that day, a bath and was also sound asleep in bed.

It occurred to me in this moment that I always ensured my children were healthy and cared for but I wasn't doing the same for myself. Why? Because Mums never put themselves first, or second or even third at times! We're always so busy running about making sure everything else is going smoothly.

It got me thinking, if I was to treat myself like I treat my kids, how would my life look?

I would:

1. Make sure I eat five fruit and veg a day.
2. Not add salt to my food.
3. Get outside for fresh air.
4. Make time to play.
5. Drink water and juice.
6. Go to bed when I was tired and even, heaven forbid!, nap in the day.
7. Eat only one or two sweets, not five or twenty!

And if it's important enough that my kids are looked after in this way, surely it means I should do the same. Now, to just finish my work before 12am tonight...!


  1. So so true. My boys are so well looked after, but me - well just like you

  2. You are completely right, it is really important that we look after ourselves, even if only to model good behaviour to our kids for when they grow up. Mich x

  3. Sounds just like me. I am awful at looking after myself, yet always so concerned about looking aftereveryone else properly..why is it so hard?
    I never ever drink, my last glass of water was probably last year, I have 2 drinks a day probably neither of which are hydrating. Eating crap is my speciality some days yet i'm strict on my daughter. Seems to hard work and time consuming to care about more than hubby and kids. Not sure i was brilliant when it was just me on my own either though. Better that than not at all though I suppose. I'm hoping that oneday I will get the hang of, and realise teh importance of doing onto myself too. Wonder why some of us are like this?

  4. I agree with this one. It's important for us women to look after ourselves and we don't need to splash out if we don't want to - all the little things count too.

  5. Hi Alli, yes, yes, yes! When we look after ourselves we are better able to take care of others. I ALWAYS doze on the settee with my 3 year old if I'm pooped on a Friday afternoon as a refreshed mummy makes a better start to the weekend.

  6. Now I just need to take a little of my own medicine too - easier said than done! x

  7. What a great post. I am forever making sure my tribe get their 5 fruit and veg a day and sleep and baths. And then I eat a few rich tea and wonder why I'm starving at 4pm. Twit that I am. THanks for the reminder!!

  8. Always a pleasure! I have to keep re-reading it and reminding myself also!