Sunday, 4 July 2010


The comment cut clear across the room. One minute I'm getting tips on blogging, the next I'm listening to a Mumpreneur slagging off their competitor. I was shocked to say the least, partly because it was in front of a room full of people and partly because it came out of the mouth of a mum in business.

Now, I may be a babe in the wood but I really thought mums in business were different to most other types of business-folk in that they are so much more generous with their time, support and advice. At my Businessmums' Networking Lunches photographers sit side-by-side and help each other out (my events are non-exclusionary).

But this mum was proving herself the opposite of everything I had come to believe and try as I might, I couldn't understand the comment. Who starts a business with the belief they will never have any compeition? Who thinks that talking about a competitor in such a manner will make them look anything but unprofessional?

So mums, please join me in appreciating your competition. You will come out looking great and they will keep you on your toes. Plus, it's far cleverer to beat out your competitor by being better than them, rather than bagging them.

Have you been put down by your competition or given the cold shoulder by someone 'loyal' to your competitor? I'd love to hear your thoughts.


  1. Well said hun and in a very tactical way! Excellent! Funnily enough I didnt hear the exact comment, I think possibly I was sitting far too engaged in steam flowing from my ears from the figures to hear it! Shocking though that she said that and I'm just glad I didnt hear it or I might have had something to say!

  2. I'm impressed that 99% of the time mums with businesses are really supportive of each other: I suspect that makes it all the more shocking when someone gets all unpleasant about a competitor. I wonder how different this is at other networking events and groups?

  3. This sounds like the playground politics that goes in at the school gates where a group of Mums form an 'in group' and excluded other mums and their kids. Bitchy women are to be found everywhere it seems. What a shame!

  4. I agree, and was just saying the other day, how lovely our demographic seems to be, in supporting each other, offering advice and generally helping each other out. Even within my very niche area of baby slings, there is not a massive element of competition, and we still help each other if needed.

    So sad to hear of someone not playing by "the rules", but, as you rightly say, I know who I would most likely rather do business with.