Sunday, 11 July 2010


You know how it is. You swap emails with a mum in another part of the country or in another country altogther, check out each others' blogs, share tweets and before you know it you feel like you know each other - but do you?

Does the face on that Twitter profile match that of the person typing or is the person typing an uncanny match for the Marketing Manager of your new-found friend's business?

I have always known that there are people out there who's sole role is to tweet and blog as their employer and I've never had a problem with it. I mean, if a mum in business can't understand the need to outsource then who can? And there are other valid reasons aside from time - what if writing is not your forte? Or marketing?

Then I forged a relationship with a mum in the US and my point of view changed. We were swapping tales back and forth when it struck me that this was a woman who wrote very well (maybe too well) and had quite a high profile (maybe too high to write her own emails) and was very busy. Was I actually talking to her at all?

All of a sudden it all felt very empty. I realised that if I was talking to her Marketing Department I would like to know about it. I understand if your business is your brand you need to communicate as yourself but isn't this kind of misleading if it isn't actually you? I would be more than happy to forge a relationship with a team member as I understand people aren't always accessible; and who can fulfill every function in their business anyway?

So, I'm about to send an email to my new-found friend and ask her if she is who she says she is. If I get an email back saying I'm chatting to the Marketing Assistant who gets paid $5 an hour to blog on her behalf, I'll introduce myself and get started on forming something real.


  1. It had honestly never occurred to me that some blogs may not be written by the person you think, unless it's a huge blog like Alpha Mummy which is written by a few contribs (including the fabulous Jen). But I really can't see the point in marketing people writing blogs pretending to be something or not. Sooner or later they'll be found out and it'll be an own goal (sorry, waiting for World Cup to start).

  2. Wow, interesting point. I had never thought about that. I tend to be a little naive and get carried away with the thought that we can REALLY chat and get to someone via the wizardry that is the internet but of course its all nonsense because you only ever know what other people want you to know!

  3. God i didn't know this kind of stuff happened. ouch. i hate that thought. would love to know what response you get!

  4. She actually does write her own stuff so I am glad about that! That said, it does still happen with other businesses and I know it's one thing I'll never outsource.

  5. Thanks for all your comments ladies - much appreciated!